Opus Blend

Designed for the Opus Lounge in Madison, WI. perfects the late nighters need for bold coffee without the bite and a bar owners needs for a coffee to blend with drinks. Deep, bold cup that you can get lost in the flavorful overtones due to the light and dark roasted bean blend.


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Indulge in the captivating allure of Opus Blend coffee, an artisan golden blend meticulously crafted by Java Bay Coffee. Originally designed for the Opus Lounge in Madison, WI, this coffee satisfies the late-nighters’ craving for a bold and flavorful cup without the harsh bite. It also fulfills the needs of bar owners seeking a coffee that blends seamlessly with their drinks. With a deep and bold profile, Opus Blend transports you on a journey of rich overtones that will entice your taste buds. This blend artfully combines light and dark roasted beans, creating a harmonious and captivating experience. Discover the exceptional quality of freshly roasted, bulk espresso options from Java Bay Coffee, and immerse yourself in the enticing flavors of Opus Blend.

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