Panama Red

Smokey Start with a smooth chocolatey finish with just a hint of fruit. Yes, it is named after the famed Panama Red of the 70’s, because part of the blend is Panama Bouquet. You will be able to chill with friends and drink this jittery cup with out the lethargy. It will motivate you and your memories of good times gone bye.


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Experience the distinct allure of Panama Red coffee, an artisan golden blend meticulously crafted by Java Bay Coffee. With its smoky start and smooth chocolatey finish, this coffee tantalizes the palate with a delightful hint of fruit. Inspired by the famed Panama Red of the 70s, this blend features Panama Bouquet beans, adding a touch of nostalgia to every sip. Enjoy this invigorating cup of coffee with friends, as it provides the perfect balance of energy and relaxation, keeping you motivated without any lethargy. Let Java Bay Coffee take you on a journey down memory lane with the flavors of Panama Red. Explore our selection of freshly roasted, bulk espresso options and create new memories over a cup of this exquisite blend.

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